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Being drunk just makes me miss you even more



The day I was diagnosed with anorexia, people complimented me for my body. They told me they wish to have a body like mine.

That body that hurt with every movement, the body that made my mum cry, the body that got me doctor appointments, hours of therapy, that took my smile, my life.

They wished to look like me when I was dying.

This is wrong. Stop promoting unhealthy low weights, stop diet culture.

so important. so so so very important.


If your kneejerk reaction to seeing a fat person doing something active, such as running on a treadmill, is to think of that person as ‘a beginner,’ or ‘just starting their journey,’ then you have some self-reflecting to do.

Fat bodies are not inherently ‘beginner’ bodies.

Fat people are not inherently ‘just starting their journey.’

Get that biased shit out of here.


there are billions of planets and galaxies and stars and life forms in our universe and some people believe there are only two genders